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    Like it or not, people make snap judgements about you all the time. Here's how to make sure they're positive ones. full story

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      Tor releases instant messaging bundle

      The Tor project will be will be releasing a demo for secure instant messaging by the end of March 2014. For those unfamiliar, Tor is an anonymous browsing utility that prevents various forms of internet surveillance by using a system of virtual tunnels kn

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      Improving our food supply: Biotech apples and beyond

      For many people, agriculture is a bit of an obscure concept and what's "real" is what they see

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      Floyd did what?

      The world champion boxer and king of sports gambling has reportedly put down his biggest bet ever on this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

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    If you're thinking about going abroad to a new country chances are Shannon O'Donnell has been there full story

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    Nice shit dumb market

    Cial says: Blame Visio!! Those plasmas are dirt cheap at Costco. I got my Android synced to my visio with dolby surround sound and I make min. wage. Should of went to college. test

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    Name says: CIAL IS NOT A REAL PERSON test

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    Freedomfucker2000 says: the word you are looking for is "Consumption". it's not just "nice shit". it's the culture of all-out consumption at any cost. buying pointless things that they can't afford on credit. eating way more than they need to. splurging on vacations and capital purchases. now that things here have started to head south, people have ramped up the consumption even more in an attempt to convince themselves that their reality isn't falling apart. the stupid ones are doing it because they're scared, and the sheep always live in fear. but the smarter ones probably realize what's happening, and can see that this is their last chance to enjoy their proportionately high spot on the pyramid. as time goes on, there is only going to be less to go around. for someone who genuinely enjoys blind consumption (and i think that most people do, or have at least been trained to), it actually makes a lot of sense to consume as much as possible now, while you still can. so i can't really hold it against p test

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    Department says: maybe we should invest more in education infrastructure as well. test

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