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    As a classical pianist, I’ve given concerts in cities all over the world. One of my tours took me to Japan full story

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      Tor releases instant messaging bundle

      The Tor project will be will be releasing a demo for secure instant messaging by the end of March 2014. For those unfamiliar, Tor is an anonymous browsing utility that prevents various forms of internet surveillance by using a system of virtual tunnels kn

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      Improving our food supply: Biotech apples and beyond

      For many people, agriculture is a bit of an obscure concept and what's "real" is what they see

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      Amazon is developing drones {insane}

      Amazon is experimenting with drones that will deliver packages within 30 minutes. CEO Jeff Bezos made the announcement in a "60 Minutes" interview Sunday night with Charlie Rose.

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    Most people do everything they can to avoid failing. Ironically it is a strategy that almost guarantees mediocre performance. full story

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    D Keller says: Many new age people have the idea that plants are sentient. This is incorrect. The Bible is truth and plants are plants.

    4 weeks ago | reply | retweet |

    2   Are plants intelligent?

    geeknik says: They laughed at people who said the government was spying on them.. Guess what, the NSA knows what kind of porn you like. ;)

    1 month ago | reply | retweet |

    17   The conspiracy theorists dictionary

    ShuLei says: Your inspiration is contagious, Mr. Hugh! I hated that I wasn't able to afford the time for a piano teacher all my life. I loved Clair de Lune. I found your youtube lessons and I AM HOOKED! Obsessed. But as you pointed out, if I don't mind the methods you present to me and integrate it with my playing the piano, my memory fails to remember every note. Thus, I'm back to taking all the notes on my sheet music and learning to read from the first measures. Having started to, I'm actually playing what I'm supposed to instead of playing what I think the way the music goes. Humility is a very good component to my learning! I thought martial arts was the best way to learn humility. Wrong again but delightfully hopeful. Also, you are a great writer! Thank you.

    1 month ago | reply | retweet |

    5   How to improve on a skill

    LT says: Amazing guy. Amazing insight. Didn't want this interview to end.

    1 month ago | reply | retweet |

    9   How to be successful with women -Interview with Chase Amante

    Comment says: I'm trying to learn piano now. Thanks Hugh for the article

    2 months ago | reply | retweet |

    5   How to improve on a skill

    Hi says: This was the perfect article to start my day.

    2 months ago | reply | retweet |

    5   How to improve on a skill

    Lovee Sharma says: I totally agree with the thought that Media is the greatest power and common people come to know about the happenings in the world only through media only. People somewhere trust what they read or watch through media. Its the responsibility of the publishers to maintain their trust and bring only truth to their knowledge without manipulating it just to meet their own interests.

    2 months ago | reply | retweet |

    3   Time Warner using shooting to boost sales?

    Fernanda Albarran says: I agree with the fact that media can manipulate any information that is out there. But it would be better if they used that power to manipulate people in a positive way instead of only looking in their own benefits. It\'s sad that they use a tragedy to advertise a movie.

    2 months ago | reply | retweet |

    3   Time Warner using shooting to boost sales?

    Ngdonid says: I think passion is a great motivator but I like how Hugh brought up hate. This is an interesting perspective that is so true.

    2 months ago | reply | retweet |

    5   How to improve on a skill

    Piccolo says: If Paul Craig Roberts is right about the takeover of the U.S. by the Neoconservative radicals (I believe he is correct) then where have all the Patriots gone?

    3 months ago | reply | retweet |

    1   Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    Googati says: I think Dr. Ferguson is 100 percent right when he says we need to focus on things like poverty and disparity. I do believe that violent video games cause aggression. Don't know if this is something to worry about.

    4 months ago | reply | retweet |

    4   Are violent video games really to blame?
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